Caitlin Duffin has been bred to be a color consultant for as long as she can remember. Her grandfather started a painting company when he first came to Canada with his five sons and still today she has a family of painters. Her mother has always had an eye and an interest in design and always held her home in high regard. This engraved in Caitlin the importance of a stylish, organized and proud home. Straight out of high school she started working at Benjamin Moore and by the age of 18 had received her Interior Decorating Certificate with high honors. She continued her training with various color seminars and diplomas and now runs CPD Decorating specializing in color selections and coordinations. She can be contacted at cpduffinathotmail [dot] com.

Dave Allan of Southpointe Paint & Decor and Coffee & Paint blog.

Scott Appleby has been a professional painter since 2002 and currently operates a franchise of Appleby Painting Ltd. in Calgary, AB. A self-professed 'paint geek' he has trained over 20 people how to paint.
He can be contacted at 403-607-2225 or infoatapplebypainting [dot] ca