Painting a Small Place

Submitted by caitlin on Tue, 2010-03-30 19:51

There is a lot of anxiety out there when it comes to trying to paint and decorate a small space. People tend to believe if you are painting a small space the color must be light - this is a myth. Doing a light color may make the space feel brighter but it doesn't make it appear larger. What makes a room feel small is if you choose to do a feature wall. When two different colours meet they draw your eye to them, this creates the illusion that the wall is shorter where the the two come together. If you wanted to do a dark color in a smaller space you are more than welcome to, you just have to keep it consistent. This also goes for doing trim and ceilings, if you do a dark tone or different color on the ceiling it will make the ceiling appear to be lower, too much contrast on the trim will also make a small room feel even smaller. In a situation like this your best bet will be to do a medium toned color with a slightly lighter shade on the ceiling and the trim to keep things flowing. Try to minimize your contrasting colours.

Caitlin Duffin has been bred to be a color consultant for as long as she can remember. Her grandfather started a painting company when he first came to Canada with his five sons and still today she has a family of painters. Her mother has always had an eye and an interest in design and always held her home in high regard. This engraved in Caitlin the importance of a stylish, organized and proud home. Straight out of high school she started working at Benjamin Moore and by the age of 18 had received her Interior Decorating Certificate with high honors. She continued her training with various color seminars and diplomas and now runs CPD Decorating specializing in color selections and coordinations. She can be contacted at cpduffinathotmail [dot] com.

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Anxiety disorder

Submitted by Rodolfo855 on Mon, 2011-06-13 00:36.

I have never felt such thing as anxiety about redecorating my place, so I can’t really understand you’re reasoning. In fact, I’ve found that changing the color on my walls once a year really helps me feel relaxed (I choose a color suitable to my current mood), and I actually enjoy painting those walls myself. My therapist advised me to try doing as such during my anxiety treatment, and it just became one of my rituals. Although some people would argue that changing wall colors once or twice per year is too much… but hey, I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with that.